Four’s & VPK

The Four’s Program
(4 years old – 5 years old)
This program will help your child gain skills and personal readiness necessary for Kindergarten. Our program includes daily art projects, skill builders, line time and group activities. Letters and their relationship to sound will be introduced. We emphasize understanding of number concepts as opposed to learning to count by
memorization. Our program aids in the development of fine and gross motor skills, preparing your child for prolonged “seat work”.

Highlights of this program include:
•        Sensory exploration
•        Math development
•        Computer activities
•        Loft for writing
•        Pet care
•        Age appropriate library
•        Separate playground

The VPK Program
(4 years old – 5 years old)
Our daily 3 hour VPK program is funded by the State of Florida and is free for your child to attend. This program is offered in both morning and afternoon sessions. We also offer an extended full day rate for our VPK children.

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